Are you sick of guessing which moisturiser, concealer, foundation is right for you?
Of spending endless money on makeup that you have no idea how to properly use?
What about under eye bags, discoloration + wrinkles which refuse to 'cover-up'?
Skin issues that are ever-lasting? Acne, Rosacea, Scars, Pigmentation...
STOP following the 'next beauty trend'!

Instead empower yourself by truly learning how to
transform yourself from the inside-out! Knowledge is power and knowing how to apply.
that knowledge is really what is going to allow you to bring your best self forward!


The Inside Method: learn about skin nutrition & the importance, techniques and
routines of cleansing the body!

The Outside Method: Skin Type, Skin CareRoutines, buying and applying the right
products for your skin more!

Combating Skin Issues: acne, rosacea, scarring, pigmentation, dry skin, wrinkles,
fine lines and sagging skin - Natasha walks you through all
explaining the causes and giving you expert
solutions to transform your skin!

Natasha is a true believer in first perfecting the canvas aka - your actual skin! She will
teach you all the do's & dont's, demystifying true beauty and skincare...
because we dont's want to look like our best selves only when we have makeup on!

Color Correction 101: learn about skin tones, practical color
correction for all tones of pigmentation, easy
product solutions, foundation types,
foundation coverage & much more.

Concealing: understanding the under-eye area: care,
maintenance and coverage.

Priming & Setting: learn the importance of priming the skin
and the role light and setting play in your finished result.

Say no to wasting any more money on buying expensive foundations & concealers with zero result!
First learn the principles of color correction
Natasha teaches
everything you need to know about the what, why how of balanced coverage!
... and if your foundation game is already strong, get ready to take it to the next level…

Understanding Bone Structure & Face shape: this is where the true magic lies, once you recognize your face structure, study your face shape in connection
with all other features on your face - you will have cracked the code of where to apply what!

Highlighting & Sculpting: once you understand the above, you will know where to sculpt, using dark colors to make features look
smaller and where to highlight to bring attention to your features. Most importantly, you'll grasp the how &
what! How much product, what tools, what different areas to cover and how to correctly apply!

Tools: learn which brushes/tools are most effective and the correct technique to use them

All makeup is a play of light and dark. Natasha teaches you the principles of contrast, giving you
practical knowledge that will up-level your sculpting skills so you can enhance all your features to
bring out the best version of you!

Browshaping: learning the importance of eyebrows, Natasha's
method of shaping your own brows according to
all your other features!

Color Wardrobe: building on the knowledge of skin tone,
foundation and coverage - learning which colors
to pair together and why.

Eye Tools & the Eyeliner: get a list of Natasha's favorite tools, learn how
to use them; learn how to finally nail the liner
and all things mascara

Natasha has mastered the eye of art makeup & is known for her beautiful blending skills,
understanding of color palettes and of course her infamous glittery eyes. In this Masterclass, she
teaches you all that she has learnt - starting from the very basics (this is the real game changer)


food recipes
Skincare: moisturiser, cleaners, toners, exfoliators, sunscreen, eye cream
Primers, Setting Srays
Foundation, Concealers
Makeup brushes for face,eye and other tools

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